Chris Ryde Music strives to offer professional, bespoke and relevant music services for the modern music landscape.

Established in 2016, I offer a wide range of music products and services ranging from production, composition & mixing, to drum sessions and teaching. In all that I do, I always prioritise the clients and artists to create a high quality product at a competitive price.



I have had a love for music from a very young age. At 6, I started playing the drums and haven't stopped since. Over the years, I have built up a lot of experience and skills through lessons, as well as performing in various bands and settings. Being as open and flexible to as many styles and genres as possible is always important to me. This has led me to playing everything from funk to metal, and pop to contemporary Christian music. I have achieved a Distinction at Grade 8, and now have a passion to share my knowledge and experience by teaching others.

Through school and particularly college, I gained a growing interest in creating music that was not confined to the world of drums, and particularly achieving this with the use of technology. Since my mid-teens, I have been composing and producing music on my laptop. Through A levels and particularly my degree, I gained and honed the specific and creative skills to bring me to where I am today. 

At university particularly, I grew an interest in creating music for films, videos and other media types which culminated in my Final Major Project where I composed, produced and mixed music for 3 different film and TV scenes.

Initially, I produced music on my own, mainly ambient electronic music. While this is still something I do, collaborating with others and producing tracks for other musicians has become a focus for me. My work in this area started with Joe Bright, and his debut EP 'Rhythms'. Since then, I have gone on to produce his second EP and worked with other worship and pop artists, as well as producing demos for the 2017 & 2018 Soul Survivor live albums, as well as drumming on the latter. Working with songwriters to creatively bring songs to life is something I love.