I teach drumming lessons to students of all ages and abilities, drawing on my own drumming education and experience. I offer lessons around Watford and the surrounding area, and around South West London.

Please feel free to contact me for prices and enquiries on info@chrisryde.com



Since the age of 6, I have been playing drums and through the years, have built up plenty of experience and knowledge for both live work and studio work. In 2012, I achieved a Distinction at Grade 8 (Rock School) and have played live with various artists in a wide range of genres. I also have extensive experience within playing at Church and in Worship bands including Sean Feucht (Bethel), Tom Smith and Beth Croft (Soul Survivor), and Joe Bright. In the last 3 years, I have been involved in the Soul Survivor Watford Worship team where I now head up the drumming. This has led me to me having good knowledge and expertise in running backing tracks, as well as using other live electronics with Ableton and Roland SPDS-X.

For enquiries about session drumming for live or studio, please visit my contact page.


-Ludwig 14x8 Black Magic Snare

-Mapex M-Birch drums. 22" kick, 12" tom, 16" floor tom, (10" and 13" spare toms), 14x5.5" snare.

-Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin 16” hi hats, Zildjian K Custom 20" dark ride, Ziljian A Custom 17" and 19" crashes.

-DW 8002 double pedal, Mapex and Gibraltar hardware.

-Ableton Live 10 Suite.

-Cosmic CE3P in-ear monitors.